Thanksgiving Baskets

As Thanksgiving approaches let us be thankful for our blessings by sharing with those who are in need. We will be collecting non-perishable food items to prepare Thanksgiving Baskets from now until November 14th (lists are available in the Foyer).

Below is a list of suggested items. Please keep in mind that items purchased should be either canned, dry packaged, or jarred (Non-perishable). Direct inquiries to Pastor Tony Scotti. 

Collection Dates: Now thru November 14th

Chicken Broth
14.5 oz can or 32 oz box

Green Beans
14.5 oz can

Mixed Vegetable
14.5 oz can

Evaporated Milk
12 oz can

Cranberry Sauce
14 oz can

Sweet Potato or Yam
Large 40 oz can or small 15 oz can

10.5 oz can or 12 oz jar

Mashed Potato
Large 13 oz box

Large 12 oz box

Cornbread Mix
Large 16 oz box

16 oz bag

Pumpkin Pie mix/ Filling
Large 30 oz can

Please check items for dents, signs of tampering, and expiration date AFTER January 2022