Prison Ministry

Each Sunday morning, inmates at local correctional facilities hear the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Juveniles, men and women in various jails/prisons are ministered to and prayed with as the uncompromising Word of God is joyfully proclaimed.

A lively correspondence program, featuring a comprehensive new believer’s Bible study is offered free of charge to all inmates who wish to delve deeper into God’s Word. Lives are changed, bondage is broken, captives are set free as God’s light shines in the dark and often neglected largest prison system in the world.


  • For God to continue to open doors to new facilities
  • New opportunities for personal counseling, mid-week Bible studies
  • Soften the inmates hearts to open up to the Lord
  • God’s protection for christians who are incarcerated
  • For the families of inmates

Ministry Meeting
The Missions Ministry will be having a meeting on Sunday, January 26th at 1:30 pm, in the Gymnasium. This meeting is for everyone involved in Missions, including Street Witnessing, and Prison ministries.  We will be discussing opportunity of ministry for the year. Please direct questions to Pastor Tony Scotti.

Contact: Don Thomas