Christmas Shoebox Outreach

This year’s Christmas Shoebox outreach will be to benefit the ministries in Baja California, Mexico. Please pray about participating by preparing a shoebox. Shoeboxes will be distributed on Saturday, December 10th. Please direct questions to Pastor Tony Scotti. 

Note: Collection of shoeboxes are being taken in the Foyer. List of suggested items and packing instructions are also available in the Foyer or the Front Office. Below is a list of suggested items and packing instructions.

Shoebox wrapping instructions

If you are interested in putting together a shoebox, below is a list of age groups and suggested items:

Children’s Age Groups:
Infants · 1-3 years · 4-6 years · 7-9 years · 10-13 years

Suggested Items:

FUN: Small Toys • Puzzles
Games • Cards • Balls • Dolls
Action Figures • Watches
Harmonicas • Hats
Ball Caps • Yo-Yo’s • Stickers
Solar Calculators • Jump-Rope

ARTSY: Crayons • Markers
Coloring Books • Stickers
Color Pencils • Story Books
Sharpeners • Journals
Play Doh • Notebooks

PRACTICAL: Toothpaste
Toothbrushes • Soap • Scarf
Washcloth • Hair Brush • Combs
Hair Clips • Socks • Clothing